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http://online-behavior.com presents Web Analytics: Data to Decisions by Piyanka Jain.

Today all leading organizations are rapidly gaining power by leveraging information to gain insights and drive the business. Google Analytics (GA) is an amazing tool providing access to valuable click behaviors of your customers on your site. Whether GA is your only source of data or you have other structured/unstructured Big Data, analytics generates its greatest value when a certain line-up of best practices is performed to get from “data to decisions to dollars”™.

This can be achieved with a “5 Step Analytics Framework™” starting from understanding real business questioby n, structuring hypothesis around the question, pulling relevant data and then diligently following the recipe all the way to analysis and recommendations. Download full whitepaper here.

In this keynote, delivered by Piyanka Jain at the Google Analytics Users’ Great Event New York 2011, these components are discussed in detail, along with the tools and techniques required and gotchas to look out for. What you will walk away with includes:

An understanding of the “5 Step Analytics Framework™”, and how that can be applied to your organization.
Analytics your organization needs to get from data to decisions.
Tools and methodologies best suited at different stages.
Challenges to prepare for, as you embark on these analyses.
Organizational support needed for analytics execution.

*About Piyanka Jain, CEO, Aryng

Piyanka is the founder of Aryng, a well-regarded industry thought leader in analytics, speaking regularly at conferences and consistently being recognized as the “Best Speaker” at business conferences such as Predictive Analytics World, Integrated Business Planning and Business Performance Conference. With her 10+ years in analytics, she has 100M+ demonstrated impact on business. Her prior roles include the head of NA Business Analytics at PayPal and senior marketing analytics position with Adobe.

*About Aryng
Aryng is a premier analytics training company; a unique partnership of analytics professionals, with decades of experience in Fortune 500 companies, conducting analytics, building and managing Business Intelligence and Analytics teams, delivering cumulative results in the $100s of millions. Aryng offers 1-3 days Data to Decision™ boot camp series for Marketing, Sales, Product, Analyst and BI Professionals and also Exec series on Predictive Analytics and Testing.

*About http://online-behavior.com

Online Behavior is a source of knowledge for website owners and analysts looking to understand how their online customers behave. But that’s not all, understanding does not make a website better, action is required. That’s why a broad range of techniques and strategies is needed to help optimizing websites. You will find information pertaining to:

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