April 13th, 2016 by editor

Here is a speed code (time lapse) of a web application and proof of concept that I created during a hack-a-thon (24-36 hours of code).

My idea is the improvement of developer experience in static web development. I do this by creating a new filetype called CHTML (Composite HTML) that will provide “include” tags that will contain a file name to receive the content to replace. This will make code more modular and organized. However, I needed to create a “compiler” to take CHTML and convert to deployable HTML. This is the web application I made.

Technologies I used are Java, Spring MVC, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and jQuery Datatables.

I hope you all enjoy the speed code! I plan to do much more of these. If you want to see more, please subscribe to my YouTube!! If you are interested about coding, please follow my Twitter!!

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Here is the code for the video!
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