April 17th, 2016 by editor

had this uploaded on my old channel :l pretty good find for me decided to reupload lol so yea Microsoft windows very old to very new

Extra tags: 1985 – 2010 copyright M$ youtube tag’s google Please check your video tags – they are too long. Game console preinstallation enviroment Beta archive haxor758 Embedded Embed alpha User interface 93 test release advenced os Workstation 3.51 4.0 5.0 family Beta archive powered under construction codename’s Datacenter .net limited edition proffesional Home media center Embedded corporation 7 ultimate standard Fundamentals for Legacy Pc’s 32 bit 64 bit freestyle serve 8 install installation tutorial education


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April 16th, 2016 by editor

This video shows how to extend Outlook across platforms using web technologies. It covers new features and capabilities, including the new Outlook in-client store, which is a great way for users to discover and acquire your add-in.


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April 8th, 2016 by editor

In this screencast I’m going to take a look at another tool you can use if you find yourself in a position where you’re Windows 7 computer will not start-up.

I’ve covered safe mode and last known good configuration in other screencast and this start-up recovery tool will also help to get your Windows back on it’s feet and running as it should.

Please visit http://www.diypcrepairs.net for more info


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April 2nd, 2016 by editor

Vote for 1 of these 5 sounds to be THE Remix OS startup sound here:


Inspired by our love for the ‘90s, Remix OS is committed to bringing “The Last Great Decade” back on your desktop through our next major upgrade.

Jide Technology, creators of Remix OS, seeks to build simple and effective tools for the mind so people can leverage them in unimaginable ways. Find out more at http://www.jide.com

Remix OS exists to bring together the Android app ecosystem with the PC productivity features we’re used to and pioneer Android PCs.

To enjoy a $10 discount on Remix Mini please use the following link and apply the promo code:
1) Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0177OAIIK?m…
2) Promo Code: 78DOZVKA

To try out Remix OS for PC, check out the free download at http://www.jide.com/en/remixos-for-pc…

Check us out on Twitter!

Build the future of Android PCs with us!


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March 31st, 2016 by editor

App Hack Monday is a show about building applications. This week is Windows 8 and HTML5 focused. I speak to Andrew Spooner (@andspo) and Martin Kearn (@MartinKearn) about building apps with Web Technologies and then show you how to build an Windows 8 app using the Web Application Template (https://wat.codeplex.com/)

To join in the conversation and receive hands-on support and guidance from UK Tech Evangelists, use #apphackmonday on Twitter. For more on developing for Microsoft developer.microsoft.com and if you’d like the Microsoft developer relations team to send you relevant news and info a bit more regularly, then sign-up to stay in touch at http://aka.ms/devuk


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March 22nd, 2016 by editor

If you’re interested in being a Web Developer but you’re not sure where to start, we have just the course for you. In today’s fast-changing world of technology, navigating the languages, frameworks, platforms, and even the vocabulary can seem confusing. Clear up the confusion with popular experts Michael Choi of Coding Dojo and Christopher Harrison of Microsoft, as they walk you through the basic concepts of web development.

Get the full course at Microsoft Virtual Academy: https://mva.microsoft.com/en-US/train…

Join the community!

Twitter: http://twitter.com/msvirtacademy
Facebook: http://facebook.com/msvirtacademy
G+: https://plus.google.com/u/1/b/1055843…


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March 15th, 2016 by editor

In this video I will be revealing 8 of the worst sites of the Dark Web… the cruel, sick, & twisted section of the deep web.

Almost everyone hates a snitch… but this is not drugs, or a fight, or even a bank robbery… this is the inhuman rape, torture, and killing of individuals… thousands every year whom are little boys and girls. If you explore the deep web and you find one of these sites, report it!

PART 2 IS HERE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1Lb8…

CyberTip Sexual Exploitation of Children Reporting Link: https://report.cybertip.org/index.htm

Google Malware Reporting Link (It actually helps): https://www.google.com/safebrowsing/r…

Internet Crime Complaints Reporting Link: http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

Homeland Security Phishing Reporting Link: https://www.us-cert.gov/report-phishing

Like my videos?

Official Website: http://chasedizzie.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/ChaseDizzie

Google Plus: http://plus.google.com/+ChaseDizzie

Like the music?

Title: Persephone

Artists: Snowflake

Official Download Link: http://ccmixter.org/files/snowflake/2…


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March 3rd, 2016 by editor

Cette leçon est conçue pour les débutants en informatique. Elle est très conseillée pour les gens qui veulent suivre nos cours en programmations en Java, PHP et web. Les formations sur http://WWW.WEBOK.INFO sont GRATUITEs, accessibles à tous et très faciles à suivre. Elles sont axées sur EMPLOI en informatique.


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February 6th, 2016 by editor

See how easy it is to add your reports to your public websites and blogs with Power BI Publish to web. Now you can craft your data story and tell it online in minutes. Here’s how!


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February 4th, 2016 by editor

Download Project


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