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Let’s look at several examples of Parallax on the web!

“The phenomena of parallax is a result of having a perspective in in 3D space when movement is introduced to the observational experience.”

Examples ——

## 1 – Fixed background, scrolling body

## 2 – Slow Elements

## 3 – Landing Elements]

## 4 – Multiple direction elements

## 5 – Mouse movements

## 6 – thumbnails

## 7 – Follow the rabbit

## 8 – Zooming elements

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MASTER LINK- skunksworkedp2cg.onion


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In this episode I show you what are tags, attributes, and the structure of a web page.


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Hooman Radfar the founder of Clearspring spoke about building momentum in a startup business at Tech Cocktail’s Startup Mixology Conference in Washington, D.C. on June 16, 2011.


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Want all of our free Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services training videos? Visit our Learning Library, which features all of our training courses and tutorials at

More details on this Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services training can be seen at This clip is one example from the complete course. For more free tutorials please visit our main website. YouTube:


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This is YouTube Thumbnails tutorials that explain how to make a custom thumbnails for YouTube videos without Photoshop or any graphic design program.

With this method you can design gaming YouTube thumbnails, Business Thumbnails, Any kind of Thumbnails since this method doesn’t require any designing skills.

In this tutorials i did an example of Minecraft YouTube video thumbnail.

Steps mentioned on this tutorial to create your YouTube videos thumbnails.

In this tutorial I’ve used a website that called fotor which allow you to make different designs which one of them is YouTube videos thumbnails. The website is free and it doesn’t even require for sign up unless you want to. It has many options that you can use to create any design you want in your own style.

1:06 Go to the website and click on design button that is on the top right side of your browser. You will be redirected a page where you are going to select from different photos sizes. Click on custom in case you didn’t find the right size of picture you’re trying to make.

1:45 Once you clicked on Custom you will be redirected to a page where you will be able to manually type the size of the picture you willing to design.

On the top left hand there is an option called RESIZE it has a small LOCK icon on it. Make sure to double click on it to open the lock on order to put your own size on it.

The size of YouTube Videos Thumbnails in general is 1280 / 720 so make sure you typed the same size to get good results.

2:24 Then you will have to get some backgrounds and pictures that you want to add to your design. Simply go to Google Image and search for whatever picture you want. Once you find some Images that you like saves them to your computer and back to the website that we are designing our thumbnail on. You can right click on the picture you want to save to your PC and you’ll see an option to saves it to your computer.

3:21 On the website click Import Photos and select all pictures you’ve saved to your PC while browsing Google Image. Once you import photos they will be automatically added below the same option you clicked on which is Import Photos. Now select the picture that you want to set as your background by clicking on it one time. It will be appeared on the workplace.

Drag the picture to feet the size of Thumbnail.

4:05 In case you want to add another or other images to your background that you’ve just created all you have to do is back to Google Image again.

You have to get a PNG picture format in order to put that picture on your background. PNG format is the picture that has no background on it.

There are another tutorial where i explained how to remove picture’s background, Find the link below of this description.

4:52 This is how to know if the picture are PNG. Has no background on it.

5:19 Import the photos that you’ve just got again to the website. Click on the image you want to add to your background. It will be appeared on the background. Click on it after you added it to your background in order you want to re-size or move it.

6:46 After you place all of your pictures and want to add something more such as text to it there are some options on the left side. Click on T icon to add text to your picture.

Make sure to highlight all the text you typed to make changes on it. Now change the color and the size of text. You can also change the font style and a few other things. It’s up to you to make your own style on the text as it up to you to make all this thumbnail in your own style as well.

8:35 Now if you want to save your thumbnail after you finish it click on the Save button that is just on the top of the picture you just made. Give it a name and select the format. Its better to select PNG and then Click on Save to My computer.

9:10 This is the final result of my YouTube thumbnail that i did on this tutorial.

So this is how to get a beautiful Thumbnails for your videos without actually use any program such as Photoshop etc. Hope you find this video useful.

This is a new 2016 video tutorial

Video: How to Remove Picture’s Background:

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Custom YouTube Thumbnail


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In this HD video how to tutorial I will show you how to move your website from one webhost to another. The instructions are written below as well.

1. Find a good web host by reading reviews online, pick one, and sign up. Google “web host reviews”. Pick who ever tops the lists on these review websites.
2.Go to where your current site is and make a backup. If your site uses CPANEL, you can do a Cpanel backup. Once your backup is complete your old host will send you an email letting you know that it has been completed.
-Go to your Cpanel
-Go to the files section and click on Backups
-Now click on Download or Generate a full website backup
-Click generate backup

Doing a Cpanel Backup/ Restore Copies Data, Database, & Email Filters. Easiest way to move a site. If you don’t have this option, then copy all the files in your public_html folder to the new host.

3. Download your Cpanel backup file.
4. FTP the Cpanel backup file to your new host.
5. Notify new host of the Cpanel Backup file location so they can restore it.

Manual Database Export on Old Host
1. Go to Cpanel.
2. Databases.
3. Phpmyadmin.
4. Click on database name.
5. Click on export.
6. Quick.
7. Format = SQL.
8. Click Go and Download file.

Write Down Old Host Database Info
1. Open Cpanel.
2. Databases.
3. My SQL Databases.
4. Write down the database name and user name.

Create Database and User on New Host
1. Open Cpanel.
2. Databases.
3. My SQL Databases.
4. Now enter the database name, and click create database.
4. Click go back .
5. Now create a database user, enter password and click create user
6. Click go back.
7. Join the user to database.
8. Select user, select database and click add.
9. Select All Privileges and click make changes.
10. Click Go back.

Time to Import The Database On Your New Host
1. Go to Cpanel.
2. Databases.
3. Phpmyadmin.
4. Click on the database name.
5. Click on import and select the sql file you exported from your old host to import. Everything should import without a hitch.

Now We Are Going to Change Your Domain Name Registration to Point to the New Host Name Servers
1. Fire up Cpanel.
2. Click on domain management.
3. Okay what we want to do is to update the nameservers, so go ahead and click on update
4. Now enter the names of the name servers from your new host and click save changes, this can take up to 24 hours to take effect. You can also manipulate your hosts file to point to your new website IP, so that you can test to make sure that everything works.

Updating the Hosts File to Test New Host Before Domain Nameservers Propagation
Here’s how you update the host file on a windows machine, for Apple computers, check out my video on how to edit a hosts file on a Mac.
Once the new web host does the restore of Cpanel or you manually copied the files from public_html folder over to the new host and transferred the database, you can edit your hosts file and point your website name to the new host location, so that you can test that everything is okay.
1. If you edited your hosts file to point to the new location of your website, remember to remove that entry once the DNS propagation has taken place.

Lastly, visit if you are curious on the costs of major renovations or building a new house. I have tons of free plans, designs, and estimates posted.

Manual Move Joomla Website
Making Changes to public_html/Configuration.php file

If you didn’t have the luxury of doing a Cpanel backup and restore option, you will have to manually update settings n your configuration.php file found in the public_html folder.
The following are parameters that you will have to address if your website on the new host is not working properly. 99% of the time you only have to worry about the absolute path, cache path, database name, database user, and password. I added the rest of the variables that can give you issues during a website move.
Good luck and please use the comment section on YouTube to send me questions.
Also please subscribe to my channel on YouTube so that you can be notified whenever I post a video that you might really like or find very useful, like this one.

$mosConfig_absolute_path: This is the absolute server path to your new Joomla! installation. It will probably look something like “/path/to/joomla/installation”.

$mosConfig_cachepath: This is the absolute server path to the cache for your Joomla! installation.

$mosConfig_live_site: This is your website’s url “”.

$mosConfig_host: This is the location of the server that hosts your MySQL database. For most instances, this value will be “localhost”. If you are unsure, ask your hosting provider.

$mosConfig_db: MySQL database.
$mosConfig_user: This is the database user name.
$mosConfig_password: Password MySQL database user.


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Don’t you dislike all those fullscreen and popup ads on Android? Whether it’s an in-app ad or a web page ad, don’t worry because today I’ll be showing you how to block them for FREE.

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➨ FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions)
• Number One:
Q: How do I make my videos?
A: I use Camtasia Studio to edit my videos and several other tools such as GIMP, Easy Voice Recorder, and Tube Buddy.

• Number Two:
Q: How do I root my phone?
A: Rooting differs from device to device so just Google it.

• Number Three
Q: How do I record my screen?
A: On Android:
A: On PC:

• Number Four:
Q: How did I make my intro?
A: I got my intro from and edited it with Camtasia Studio.

➨ Please watch: “★ Record Your Computer Screen ★ (FREE + NO WATERMARK) [How-To]”


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In this video, Ian Green outlines some of the ways in which he has learned the importance of being tech savvy and web savvy. Hopefully these insights are helpful for you.

To learn more, please visit

Thank you for watching!


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