March 31st, 2016 by editor

Die Anforderungen an Websites steigen derzeit rasant. Moderne Websites müssen die Geschäftsprozesse der Unternehmen vollständig abbilden. Diese komplexen dynamischen Websites stellen besonders hohe Ansprüche an Skalierbarkeit, Ausfallsicherheit und an die Verkürzung von Entwicklungszeiten. Außerdem benötigen sie eine grundsätzlich andere Architektur als herkömmliche Websites. Die beste Lösung diese immer weiter steigenden Anforderungen in den Griff zu bekommen, bietet ein modernes CMS-System. Doch was muss dies alles können um zukunftsfähig zu sein?

Mehr Videos, Slides und Informationen auf https://relaunch-konferenz.de/


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January 31st, 2016 by editor

During this informal breakfast and networking session, five Romanian startups will introduce their products and ideas. Romania is home to a flourishing startup scene, resulting in many interesting and creative products. The startups that will be introduced during this DLD16 session are: Symme 3D, a company building 3D printers; Moqups, who designs tools for project managers; SkinVision, who developed an app that allows people to keep track of their moles, and understand personal risk for melanoma skin cancer; Airivision, creators of an Evolutionary Artificial Intelligence computing vision engine; and Jellycs/Transylgamia, one of Romania’s biggest gaming studios.


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December 9th, 2015 by editor

The guest in this edition is India-born, US-educated startup entrepreneur Naren Shaam. He talks about the startup scene in Berlin, about what motivates him and about how and why he located in Germany despite speaking barely a word of German.
Read more: http://www.dw.de/program/insight-germany/s-30472-9798


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December 8th, 2015 by editor

Learn from one of the best how to push your company into success.

DLD (Digital-Life-Design) is a global network on innovation, digitization, science and culture which connects business, creative and social leaders, opinion-formers and influencers for crossover conversation and inspiration.

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December 7th, 2015 by editor

Documentary about the origins of the internet. The internet was created by the United States Department of Defense in 1969 as a means of secure communication.

The rise and fall of Netscape and its battle against Microsoft In-fighting. Backstabbing. An epic battle with billions of dollars at stake. Witness the backr.

lecture: „Revolution in Military Affairs — Why computer professionals should be concerned We will discuss the essential and disconcerting role of informati.

Social Media Revolution (Original) This video was produced in 2009 based on the book Socialnomics by Erik Qualman. There have been two newer versions since t.


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