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Can you use HTML5 technologies to build a website which works offline? Without a reliable internet connection, or no connection at all over a couple of days? We will talk you through the challenges we faced building an offline-first web application, using AppCache, IndexedDB and File API to store the application’s sources and its data in the browser. The questions we had to ask ourselves included: – Is the client or the server the master of the data? – What happens if we introduce schema changes that break out-of-date clients? – How do we handle updates of the application? – How do we sync the data between clients and server? – And what does “offline” mean anyway?

Birgitta Böckeler
Birgitta Böckeler is a Lead Developer with ThoughtWorks. She has been building stuff for more than 13 years now, always appreciating the fact that it never gets old. Most of her career, she has been working on large custom software delivery projects, in several parts of the lifecycle.


Lukasz Plotnicki
Lukasz Plotnicki is a Senior Consultant and Software Developer at ThoughtWorks Germany. He is excited about anything new in technology – lately especially HTML5 and the internet of things. He has been working on web applications since 2009 and enjoys seeing web technologies becoming more mature and growing up.



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