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Analysis (Streaming processing)of unique customer count to the web using apache storm apache kafa and apache cassandra. Based on this provide new offers to new customer.

For Code :

Links for installing stom kafka and cassandra
Storm Play List :

Kafak Play List :

Cassandra Play List :

big data technologies


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April 19th, 2016 by editor

Let’s look at several examples of Parallax on the web!

“The phenomena of parallax is a result of having a perspective in in 3D space when movement is introduced to the observational experience.”

Examples ——

## 1 – Fixed background, scrolling body

## 2 – Slow Elements

## 3 – Landing Elements]

## 4 – Multiple direction elements

## 5 – Mouse movements

## 6 – thumbnails

## 7 – Follow the rabbit

## 8 – Zooming elements

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April 18th, 2016 by editor

Eric Ries (Lessons Learned),
“The Lean Startup: Innovation Through Experimentation. Not Just for Startups Anymore.”


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April 18th, 2016 by editor

Xavier Niel, le patron icône de Free, investissait Le Monde en 2010. Il y a quelques semaines, Jeff Bezos d’Amazon rachetait The Washington Post. C’est aujourd’hui au tour du fondateur d’Ebay, Pierre Omidyar, d’investir dans les médias. Il parie sur Glenn Greenwald, le reporter par qui l’affaire Snowden est arrivée. L’homme d’affaire et le journaliste devraient créer un pure player “à la recherche de la vérité”. Et aussi : testez le thermostat de Netatmo signé Philippe Starck.
Un point complet sur les nouvelles technologies et leur impact sur notre société.Tous les Lundis à 16h40, présenté par Marjorie Paillon et notre chroniqueur Guillaume Grallet spécialiste internet,
TECH 24 – Internet et les nouvelles technologies sont au cœur de l’actualité : de la politique à l’économie, de la vie culturelle aux révolutions numériques. Marjorie Paillon et Guillaume Grallet décryptent les dernières tendances et l’impact de la planète hi-tech.
28/10/2013 TECH 24
Toutes les émissions:


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April 18th, 2016 by editor

Comment choisir un bon nom et un beau logo ? C’est le thème de ce startup du jour, en présence de Marcel Botton, fondateur de Nomen, et Antoine Chartier, co-fondateur de Jimmy Fairly.

Nomen est une société spécialisée dans la création de marque et la stratégie de marque. Créée il y a une vingtaine d’années par Marcel Botton, la société compte aujourd’hui plus de 1 500 clients. Son fondateur a vu passer les modes et les couleurs … Il nous livre aujourd’hui les clés d’un nom et d’un logo bien choisis !

Jimmy Fairly est une jeune start up spécialisée dans la vente de lunettes de luxe en ligne. Le site repose sur un principe simple : Buy one, Give one. Une paire de lunettes achetée, une paire de lunettes offertes à une association caritative.

Jeux de mots, mythologies, couleurs ou encore fruits et légumes, tout commence par une grande session de brainstorming !


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April 16th, 2016 by editor

Just Installed a new program? Driver? Blue screen or black screen of death? Infinite reboot or restart? And now you may be unable to boot into Windows 10. This video will be directed towards those unable to boot/start into Windows 10 and troubleshoot this issue.

How To Acquire Windows 10 DVD (Youtube video):


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April 15th, 2016 by editor

This video is for This video is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! Viewer’s Discretion is advised!

My first voice over, be gentle. I’m not happy with how it sounds but I’ve put it off far too long. So I recorded it and said I would just post it, no matter what. I know it kinda flows awkwardly at the end, but after 12 hours of figure it out as I go along I just settled for what I had….sorry.

Diving even deeper into the topic of “Red Rooms”, trying to make a logical argument just doesn’t seem possible. I didn’t want to revisit this topic so soon, but there you have it.

If you want to see all the emails between myself and the alleged “Red Room” hosts, sound off in the comments and I’ll post them to my Twitter/Facebook.

As always Thanks for the Support.

AMA for 500 Subscribers?


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Unboxing my order form Breyer its My Girl from the Vintage Club 2016. Which color Welsh Cantering Pony did I get from the 3 made? Opening the second web special Berry Pony Persimmon.

Schleich 2016 is going to release lots of beautiful models like rainbow unicorns and pegasus. Even CollectA has new models like the Ardennes Stallion.

Play Star Stable online with me:

Breyer Stablemates are getting together for a summer pool party!

Video on which Breyerfest 2015 Special Run Traditional model horses I picked up while at the Kentucky Horse Park. Which 2 did I get out of Versailles, Chanel, Giverny, Haute Couture, Le Taureau, Enchante, Ganache, or Quelle Surprise!

Breyerfest 2016 Carnival Theme Announcement – Breyer Horses News Video

About HoneyheartsC Channel
Welcome to my horse channel! Super fun family friendly videos all about horses! You will find videos about playset toy reviews, openings, movie series, do it yourself (diy) projects, and so much other awesome things. Whether you collect Breyer traditional, classics, stablemates, Peter Stone, Schleich, Safari, or any other model horse, I know you will enjoy my videos.


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♥ Music by me HoneyheartsC!

Po box 7934
Citrus Heights, CA


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Die berüchtigten Snuff-Livestreams existieren seit langem im Untergrund des Deep Webs und werden auch Red Room genannt. In diesem Falle gibt es eine neue Seite mit dem Namen “Red Room Summer 2016”. Mehr Informationen dazu im Video. Viel Spaß.


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If you’re interested in web conferencing and technology’s impact on your business, be sure to read the blog post! We think that small and medium sized businesses have the most to benefit from implementing these new technologies.

Andre Soares wrote this blog post detailing how it can help your company progress through technology! For our last Portland SEO company blog post, visit the video here:

It’s about how to get your client acquisition costs to industry lows, rather than bidding the prices up with your competitors! Think smarter. Watch this video for how we can solve this problem for you!

There’s also a playlist to help guide your small business:

See how are company works with small business in Portland:

Portland SEO Expert | Oregon

Portland, Oregon | City Information

Some #socialmedia for you to connect!


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